Synthetic White Sapphire No.12 Loose Created Gemstones Machine Cut Simulated Diamond Flawless Clear Man Made Stones at Wholesale Price from China Manufacturer and Factory

Synthetic white sapphire gemstones is a colorless form of sapphire used in a wide range of jewelry as a diamond substitute. Sapphires tend to be much cheap than diamonds, and professional purchasers who are concerned about conflict diamonds can avoid political issues by purchasing sapphires instead. Most white sapphires are heat treated to obtain the desired clear color, Some may also be chemically treated, depending on the quality of the stone and its intended use.As a semi-precious gemstone they are an attractive alternative to diamonds whilst remaining far more affordable. 

white sapphire gemstones

There are many colors for synthetic sapphire, the NO.12 sapphire belongs to white sapphire.If you are an Purchasing manager of a Jewellery company, that is looking for well priced white sapphires with excellent quality of precision cut White sapphires, or a Gem reseller in your own country, then this is the right place for you to source your White Sapphires from. Most of the white sapphires No.12 that are in the market are from China manufacturer, as white sapphires from here are very much available, and priced very well, to compete with other sources of White Sapphire.You can buy #12 sapphire wholesale with the cheapest prices from - synthetic gemstones sapphire factory.

Now lab grown white sapphire is alternative diamond and the hardnes of 9.25 on Moh's scale. It's good to wax casting, metal clay, kiln and torche fire.  This hardness also results in its brilliant sparkle - second only to a diamond. Most people normally think of sapphires as blue. The blue colour actually comes from varying amounts of iron impurities in the stone. When these impurities are absent the sapphire appears to be pure white or colorless.

Round Measurements(mm): 0.80   0.90   1.00   1.25    1.50   1.75    2.00   2.50   3.00   4.00   5.00   6.00   7.00
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