Synthetic Green Spinel Fake Gemstones for Sale from China Supplier

Synthetic spinel is made in a wide variety of colors like aquamarine color spinel, blue spinel, tourmaline spinel and green spinel. Since spinel are durable and safe to wax casting, many jewelry manufacturers would like to choose synthetic spinel gemstones at affordable price. Green is one of popular colors for spinel stone, it's widely used to pendants, earrings and rings.

  square green spinel gemstones emerald cut synthetic green spinel cushion cut green spinel

Round Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

0.80mm                  1.00mm                  1.25mm           1.30mm                  1.35mm                  1.40mm            1.45mm              1.50mm

1.65mm                  1.75mm                  1.85mm           2.00mm                  2.15mm                  2.25mm            2.35mm               2.45mm

2.50mm                  2.65mm                   2.75mm          2.85mm                  3.00mm                   3.25mm           3.50mm               3.75mm

4.00mm                  4.25mm                   4.50mm          4.75mm                  5.00mm                   5.25mm           5.50mm                5.75mm

6.00mm                  6.50mm                  7.00mm           7.50mm                  8.00mm                   8.50mm            9.00mm               9.50mm                     10.00mm

Oval/Pear Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

3×5mm           4×6mm                5×7mm              6×8mm         7×9mm           8×10mm         9×11mm

Square Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

3×3mm            4×4mm          5×5mm        6×6mm           7×7mm        8×8mm        9×9mm                10×10mm 

Marquise  Synthetic Green Spinel  Gemstones Sizes:

 3×6mm             3.5×7mm           4×8mm            5×10mm             6×12mm

Heart  Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm          5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm           8×8mm         9x9mm        10x10mm

Octagon Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

3×5mm     3×6mm        4×6mm          4×8mm         5×7mm       6×8mm        7×9mm        8×10mm        9×11mm

Trillion Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm                 5×5mm             6×6mm         7×7mm        8×8mm      9×9mm             10×10mm

Asscher Synthetic Green Spinel Gemstones Sizes:

5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm               8×8mm        9×9mm            10×10mm

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