Synthetic Diamond CVD Diamond Loose HPHT Lab Created Diamond GIA 4C Polished Diamond Wholesale Price from China Supplier

Synthetic diamonds of various colors grown by the high-pressure high-temperature technique. A synthetic diamond (also known as an artificial diamond, cultured diamond, or cultivated diamond) is diamond produced in an artificial process, as opposed to natural diamonds, which are created by geological processes. Synthetic diamond is also widely known as HPHT diamond or CVD diamond. Synthetic CZ or Lab Created Moissanite is totally different chemical and physical properties from natural diamonds, but synthetic diamond is same chemical and physical properties as earth mineral diamonds. Thanks to technology, no longer are mined diamonds the only choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Now we can go for more cheaper cost lab created diamond which eco-friendly and conflick-free. Like natural diamond, Lab Made Diamonds cutting and polishing is really the same as for Natural Diamonds and also the highly skilled artisans will still be required to produce beautiful lab-made Diamonds.

When you wear synthetic diamond ring, you can get same brilliant and fire as mineral diamonds but pay much less money. The synthetic diamond’s girdle is also laser inscribed with the report number as well as the words ‘lab grown’. We usually have small size of man made diamond in stock, if you are looking for synthetic diamonds, please feel free to contact us today.

  synthetic diamond rough wholesale price lab created diamond rough China CVD Diamond Rough

Synthetic Diamond Rough Detail


AVG weight

per piece

AVG pieces

per carat


1.4-2.00.03 carat34DEFVVS VS
2.0-2.50.08 carat11-12D-GVVS VS SI
2.5-3.00.15 carat6-7D-HVVS VS SI
3.0-3.50.26 carat4-5D-HVVS VS SI
3.5-4.00.35 carat2-3D-HVVS VS SI

  loose diamond wholesale China  HPHT synthetic diamonds  Lab Created Diamond Wholesale Price

Size:1.1mm-5.6mm (0.006ct - 0.59ct)

We offer high quality CVD loose diamond at wholesale price.

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