Best Quality Square Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Stone ViVi Yellow CZ Lab Simulated Diamond Excellent Polish Cut Wholesale China Supplier

Yellow Diamond is one of popular diamond for engagement rings,  the cropped corner square shape of the radiant cut help setting by claws. Since the price of mine diamond is very expensive, and hard to find a flawless yellow diamond. So now we make lab simulated diamond yellow stones which it's low price without inclusion. It's great choice if you have no enough budget.  Are you looking for diamond quality yellow simulated diamond stones? You come to right place! We are real factory and cut stones by ourselves. We will make very very low prices to you. The minimum order quantity is 100pcs each only! The following pictures as for your reference. Need helping to find best quality radiant cut yellow diamond simulants? Contact us by e-mail:

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Radiant Cut Size(mm): 5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10   12x12   15x15   18x18   20x20