Museum Diamond Shah Jahan Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia

History of this diamond starts with Jahangir Shah, the fourth Shah of the Mogul empire who ruled in the very early 1600’s. His son, prince Khurram, Shah Jahan, is shown holding the stone in a turban ornament in a painting by an unknown artist. This table-cut or flat diamond, measuring 44.6 x 33 x 6 mm and weighing 56.71 carats, is one of several that have been credited as a match for the Great Table Diamond viewed by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier at Golconda in 1642. The Shah Jahan was offered at auction by Christies in Geneva in 1985 but was not sold. It's light pink color in cubic zirconia replica, some people like to order colorless replica, another love to light pink replica. Both colors we can make for you. The following pictures and videos as for your reference, real stones are more beautiful than picture show.

Light pink shah jahan replica
light pink shah jahan replica

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