Round Flat Bottom Cut Garnet Red Cubic Zirconia Beads Wholesale

Round cubic zirconia have many cuts like round checker cut, round brilliant cut, round cabochon cut. Round flat bottom is beautiful & amazing cut. It's widely made to handcrafted jewelry or diy jewelry created. You can mount it with glue for your creation. As cubic zirconia look very beautiful, you can't find difference between CZ and real diamond. Below is round flat bottom cut garnet cubic zirconia stones as for your reference.

round flat bottom cut garnet red cubic zirconia

Size(mm): 2.00     2.50     3.00     3.50     4.00     5.00     6.00    6.50     7.00     8.00    9.00   10.00   12.00

13.00     15.00      18.00       20.00       25.00      30.00

Shape: Flat bottom cut round

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 1000pcs

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