Black Round Double Flat Coin Beads Cubic Zirconia Wholesale China

Loose coin beads black color round to be drilled hole wholesale china manufacturer, this coin beads are used to necklaces, pendants and bracelets.Black is a neutral colour, makes it to a multi useful design element: to combine with many different colored stones, other gemstone beads, and with both silver and gold. 

Black Round Flat Coin Beads Loose Cubic Zirconia

Material: Cubic Zirconia(synthetic gems)

Color: white/clear, yellow, lavender, purple, peridot, garnet, pink, orange, blue, green, champagne and more.

Shape: round double flat back

Size(mm): 5.00   6.00   7.00   8.00   9.00   10.00   11.00   12.00   13.00   14.00   15.00   16.00   18.00   20.00

Drilled-Hole: Available

MOQ: 500pcs

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