Diamond Quality DEF Color Rose Cut Flat Back Moissanite Loose Stones 1ct 2ct 3ct 4ct Wholesale Price Made in China Manufacturer

Rose cut is one of popular cutting for diamonds, many people would like to have a rose cut moissanite to alternative to real diamond. Because moissanite is more cheaper cost than diamond. Today we can supply near colorless DEF moissanite to our customers around the world at factory prices. Loose moissanite is the best option to diamond alternative, as a matter fact moissanite look similar and very close to diamond than CZ.
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Loose moissanite flat back rose cut best diamond alternative near colorless DEF custom cut moissanite 

 DescriptionShape Cut Quality Size(mm)  MOQ(pcs)  Unit Price(US$/pcs)
 White Moissanite Round Rose AAAAA 3x3 1Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA4x41Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA 5x5 1Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA 6x61Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA6.5x6.5 1Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA 7x7 1Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA 8x81Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA8.5x8.51Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA9x91Contact Us
  White Moissanite Round  Rose AAAAA10x10 1Contact Us

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