Diamond Quality Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Apple Green CZ Stones

Radiant cuts are square or rectangular mixed cuts with angled corners,as a brilliant alternative to the Emerald cut.The cutting is a combination of the step-cutting of the emerald-cut diamond with some triangular faceting of the brilliant cut.The radiant cut is dramatic as a solitaire but also looks great paired with side stones.Radiant cuts are often utilized to maximize color in fancy colored diamonds. Cubic Zirconia are able to make many shapes/cuts for example radiant cut CZ, as radiant cut is very classic and popular for real diamond stones, so many people love to get radiant cut cubic zirconia stone at a fraction of cost of diamond. Cubic zirconia have a lot of colors for you to choose, like pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, champagne and more. Now we take photo of radiant cut apple green cubic zirconia to display on our website.

radiant cut apple green cubic zirconia

Material: Cubic Zirconia

Color: Apple Green

Quality:  AAAAA

Cut: Radiant

Size(mm): 6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11   10x12    10x14   13x18

Most of Radiant cut cubic zirconia stone is mounted to engagement ring as main stone, so we make radiant cut gemstones at high quality at  factory wholesale price. If you would like to buy apple green CZ stones, please contact us!