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Round, "flower" cut (known also as Portuguese cut), the Portuguese cut is one of the most popular fancy cuts in the market and you'll find many varieties of colors CZ in this style. The Portugese Cut is a popular and time honored design for larger stones. Due to its greater than normal depth it is best matched to stones of light to rather than dark color saturation. While the Portuguese Cut has a large number of facets, it can be faceted using straightforward meetpoint technique. The Portuguese is a fireball cut with lots of sparkle!  This cut looks best in the larger sizes. For example, 20mm-80mm. Round portuguese cut have better brilliance than round brilliant cut, as Portuguese cut have lots of facets and show more fire.

     portuguest cut white cubic zirconia            portuguest cut color cubic zirconia China Supplier

cubic zirconia round whirlwind cut

Material: Cubic Zirconia

Size(mm): 20.00   25.00   30.00   35.00   40.00   45.00   50.00   55.00   60.00   65.00    70.00   80.00

Quality: AAA

Color: white, pink, yellow, lavender, purple, peridot, black, garnet, champagne, violet, orange, apple green, lime yellow, aquamarine blue, swiss blue, canary yellow.

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