Pink Octagon Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Pink Zirconia Tourmaline Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale Prices China Supplier

Cubic zirconia is a lab gem which durable and beautiful stone, like natural gems cubic zirconia is cut to many shapes with different colors. Cubic zirconia is 8.50 Moh's scale on hardness. Pink CZ is a lovely baby color and emerald cut is one of classical cuts. So today we show you a octagonal emerald cut pink cubic zirconia stone in AAAAA quality. It's widely used to engagement rings and bangles. 

            pink tourmaline emerald cut cz loose                       pink emerald cut cubic zirconia stones

 Material Color Quality CutSize(mm)  Qty(pcs/lot) Price(US$/lot)
 Synthetic CZpink AAAAA
 Emerald 3x5 300contact us 
 Synthetic CZpinkAAAAA Emerald4x6 300contact us 
 Synthetic CZpinkAAAAAEmerald 5x7  300contact us
 Synthetic CZpinkAAAAA Emerald 6x8 300contact us 
 Synthetic CZpinkAAAAAEmerald 7x9 300contact us 
Synthetic CZpinkAAAAA Emerald8x10 100contact us 
Synthetic CZpinkAAAAA Emerald 9x11 100contact us 
Synthetic CZpinkAAAAA Emerald10x12100contact us 

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