Pink Nur ul Ain Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Famous Diamond

Nur-al-Ain (var. Noor-ul-Ain) is one of the world's largest pink diamond and was cut from great table diamond
Great table diamond is thought to have been cut in two, with one section becoming the Noor-ul-Ain and the other the Daria-i-Noor diamond. Both of these pieces are currently part of the Iranian Crown Jewels. Now famous diamonds replicas were used to museums, education and fan. Our skilled and experienced cutter is able to cut the most of historic diamonds replicas with cubic zirconia, CZ is best substitute to diamond. If you are intested in Nur-ul-Ain replicas, please feel free to contact us to get free quote.

Nur-ul-ain diamond replica

                                pale pink noor-ul-ain replicaNur-ul-ain diamond replica cubic zirconia

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