Pink Cubic Zirconia Gourd Fancy Shape CZ Cabochon Pendant Jewelry

Bottle gorud shape cubic zirconia is one of fancy shaped and popular gemstones for decoration pendant jewelry.

            bottle gourd cabochon pink cz                gourd cabochone cubic zirconia

Name: Gourd Smooth Pink Cubic Zirconia Stones

Gemstone Material: Zirconia

Gemstone Size: 10x20, 13x19, 16x26, 10x16, 10x15, 14x25 or customer's request.

Gemstone Color: Pink (for more colors, please consult us !)

Gemstone Quality: AAA

Gemstone Drilled:Available(0.75-0.85mm)

Gemstone Polish: Good (Cabochon)

Gemstone Hardness: 8.50

Gemstone Type:Synthetic Stone

Gemstone Condition: New

Gemstone Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS

Payment: Bank transfer(T/T), Western Union,Paypal or Credit Card

Shipment method: DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT

Delivery time: 6-8 business days

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