Oval Millennium Cut Concave Aquamarine Color Cubic Zirconia Stones

Cubic zirconia is a man-made gemstone which it's beautiful and brilliant stone, we are not only process regular shapes but also cut many fancy shapes. Today let us show you a oval shape millennium cut or concave cut CZ
As aquamarine is very fashionable and acceptable color, so our skilled and experienced masters cut special shape of stones to customers. CZ is 8.0 Moh's scale on hardness and commonly used to jewelry like earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. We only accept wholesale orders, so minimum order quantity is 50-100pcs accepted. We also accept custom cut cubic zirconia as customers' request.

             oval millennium cut aquamarine cubic zirconia wholesale                  oval millennium concave cut cubic zirconia

Oval Concave/millennium cut size:   4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11   10x12   10x14   13x18

Color: aquamarine or blue topaz

Quality: AAA

MOQ Qty: 50-100pcs

Looking for wholesale prices of concave cut millennium cut aqua blue cubic zirconia? please contact us !