Millennium Star Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Stones

The Millennium Star is a diamond owned by De Beers. At 203.04 carats, it is the world's second largest known top-color, internally and externally flawless, pear-shaped diamond. The diamond was discovered in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire in 1990 in alluvial deposits. It's different disappreance from Star of South Africa (Cullinan I) which the largest cut diamond in the world. We make a serious of famous diamonds replicas in cubic zirconia and sell to customers around the world. There are some replicas in stock such as Regent, Pasha, Sancy and De-Beers Diamond. If you are looking for famous diamonds collection in CZ, please contact us.

Millennium Star Diamond Replica

Millennium Star Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia

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