Marquise Canary Yellow Cubic Zirconia Diamond Grade CZ Loose Gems Diamond Simulated Hand Cut CZ Wholesale Prices from Manufacturer 

We specialized in manufacturing canary yellow cubic zirconia, the calibrated CZs are precision cut and perfect for any setting, like CZ earrings, CZ pendants and CZ bracelets. Our marquise CZ is diamond grade with excellent spark for jewelry manufacturing. They are beautiful synthetic gems at a fraction of cost of diamond. If you search for canary yelllow CZ stones, please contact us for more detail.

marquise canary yellow cubic zirconia wholesale

Material: Cubic Zirconia

Color: Light Canary Yellow (Fancy Yellow)

Shape: Marquise

Size(mm): 2x4  2.5x5   3x6   4x8   5x10   6x12   7x14   8x16   9x18   10x20 

Quality: AAAAA

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