Man Made Faceting Rough Cubic Zirconia Rough for Sale Dealer Gems Wholesale Near Colorless H-I-J Color CZ Diamond Simulants Material

White cubic zirconia is diamond alternative, but some jewelers are interested in warm white or near colorless H-I-J color, as near colorless is not too white and look more like a real diamond. Because diamond is very hard to find a D color pure white stone, most of diamond is warm white. People can't find the difference by naked-eye when you compare a warm white color CZ to a diamond stone. Now we provide man made faceting rough in H-I-J color to dealers who cut rough by themselves. If you would like to near colorless cubic zirconia block, please contact us to get fee quote !

H-I-J Color Near Colorless Cubic Zirconia Rough
Please note know that all of the CZ that we sell is sawn and not broken. This gives you pieces that are useable and provide the least amount of waste possible.

Material: Cubic Zircon

Color: Near Colorless H-I-J Color

Quality: AAAAA

Min.Order Quantity(MOQ): 1 KG (Kilogram)

Wax Casting: available

Shape: Uncut

Delivery time: 1-2 business days

Supply ability: 8,000 Kilograms per Month We will make all effort to meet your requirements Rough White CZ.

All the gemstone you received are lead free and Cadmium free.

If you'd love to get a kilogram of  h-i-j color near colorless CZ rough(Diamond Simulants Rough), please contact us to get free quote today !