Large Cubic Zirconia Stone White Round CZ Gemstone Wholesale 

There are many people like to display decoration on their office or showroom,large size cubic zirconia stones are
one of adornments as their choice.White round cz gemstones look like real diamond stone which can show shine
brilliance and elegant fire.Diamond is very expensive offer from large sizes, for example 30mm,50mm and 80mm.
There is no need to display a sky-high price diamond stones, large cubic zirconia is best choice due to it's cheap
and show diamond brilliance fire.

Cubic Zirconia is one of synthetic gemstones in lab created gems,it's very popular in jewelry setting and many of
jewelry manufacturers and designers looking for AAA quality cz stone or top 5A quality gemstones to their jewelry.
You also can buy large cubic zirconia round stones for your store showroom and attract customers' eyes.

large cubic zirconia stone

large white round cubic zirconia

There are big sizes cz stones with brilliant cut or millennium cut stones, 50mm,60mm,65m,70mm,75mm,
80mm,85mm,90mm,95mm,100mm......people usually display large sizes cubic zirconia on their office or showroom and believe that it can bring good luck to them business.We usually manufacture small normal sizes to our clients,but we also make large sizes synthetic gemstones to some of clients.

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