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Lab grown opals (synthetic opals) one of new man-made materials which has various of magical brilliance and gorgeous colour, with attractive opal fire reflections. This kind of opal round beads are very popular in Unite Sates, UK, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Austrialia, Canada and France. Now we can cut opal beads arange from 2.0mm to 15.0mm with over 50 colors, you can look at opal color chart and choose the colors you like. If you would like to have a drill to beads, we can make for you, included half drill and full drill. Below are some of our loose opals beads as for your reference. If you are looking wholesale price of synthetic opals, please feel free to contact us.

 Synthetic Opal DIY Jewelry  synthetic round ball royal blue synthetic opal beads red

 synthetic opal ball blue  synthetic opal round ball beads pink synthetic opal round beads blue

 Light Green Synthetic Opal Beads Ball  redish white lab created opal beads  green synthetic opal beads Japan

 Purple Synthetic Opal Beads Ball  kiwi green man made opal beads  yellow synthetic opal beads ball

Round Beads Opal Sizes(mm):
 2.0  2.50   3.00   3.50   4.00   4.50    5.0   6.0   6.50   7.0   7.5   8.0    9.0   10.0   12.0   13.0   14.0   15.0

Get more detail of loose synthetic opal round beads, please contact us today.

Here is fancy shape opals you may like.

synthetic opal beads bracelets wholesale China