Lab Created Ruby Red Square Cushion Cut Corundum Korean Machine Cut Loose Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale for Jewelry Ring

lab ruby red square cushion cut stones
Cushion cuts are square or rectangular brilliant cuts with rounded corners and curved sides, a pillow-like shape.
Sometimes referred to as a Pillow cut, the Cushion cut has an open culet (the bottom point of the stone) and a soft square shape with rounded corners.It's a variation of the brilliant cut.Length-to-width ratio is 1:1. Cushion cut red ruby has become very popular in engagement rings, earrings and all sorts of jewelry.

Lab ruby cushion cut stone is very popular synthetic gems and it's good spark and beautiful stones. The hardness rate is 9.00 on Moh's scale. It's flawless red gemstoneAAA quality square cushion cut cubic zirconia is good quality stones at affordable price. If you are looking for AAAAA top grade loose gems, we also can cut it for you and offer you best wholesale prices from our factory.Make your designs stand out with sparkle using these colored square cushion cut lab stones. Each one displays brilliant color you'll love adding to designs. 

The following is sizes of lab red ruby square cushion cut gemstones:

 Material Color Quality Shape/CutSize(mm)  Qty(pcs/lot) Price(US$/lot)
lab rubyruby red AAA
 Square Cushion 3x3 1000contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion4x4 1000contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion 5x5  1000contact us
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion 6x6 1000contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion 7x7 1000contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion8x8 500contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion 9x9 500contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion10x10500contact us 
lab rubyruby redAAA Square Cushion11x11 300contact us 
 lab rubyruby redAAASquare Cushion 12x12300contact us

If you are looking into AAA(better quality) or AAAAA(best quality) Lab Created Ruby Square Cushion Cut Loose Gems Stones Synthetic Gemstones from China manufacturer, you are welcome to contact us !

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