Lab Created Ruby Gemstone Beads Round Ruby Stones Synthetic Gems Lab Corundum at Wholesale Prices directly from China Supplier

Are you looking for loose lab created ruby red beads ? You come to right place ! We manufacture many kinds of loose cz stones beads in all sizes and colors. Including white cz beads, amethyst cz beads, peridot cz beads, garnet cz beads, champagne cz beads, golden yellow cz beads and pink cz beads etc. Round Smooth CZ Beads sizes from 1.00mm to 50.0mm.

lab created ruby beads

We are a factory of cubic zirconia,lab created ruby and sapphire and supply loose lab ruby stones with drilled hole(0.75mm-1.0mm as your request). Each piece stone is cut by high technology equipment machine. We usually make 500,000 pcs monthly by our automatic machine. Due to we are real synthetic gemstone factory, we offer you at competitive prices. 
synthetic ruby beads

Lab Bead Material: Ruby (Lab Create Corundum)

Lab bead Cut: Round Smooth

Lab bead Color: Ruby Red

Lab bead Quality: AAA

Lab Ruby Beads Size: 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 15.00   18.00 mm etc

 Material Color Quality ShapeSize(mm)  Qty(pcs/lot) Price(US$/lot)
 corundumruby red AAA
 round bead 1.00 1000contact us 
 corundum ruby red AAA round bead 2.00 1000contact us 
 corundum ruby red AAA round bead 3.00 1000contact us
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 4.00 500contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 5.00 300contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 6.00 100contact us 
 corundum ruby red AAA round bead 7.00 100contact us 
 corundum ruby red AAA round bead 8.00 100contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 9.00 100contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 10.00 100contact us

 corundum ruby red AAA
 round bead 11.00 500contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 12.00 500contact us 
 corundum ruby red AAA round bead 13.00 500contact us
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 14.00 500contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 15.00 500contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 16.00 200contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 17.00 200contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 18.00 200contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 19.00 200contact us 
 corundumruby red AAA round bead 20.00 200contact us

Lab Created Ruby Corundum stones beads is very beautiful and amazing gemstones, if you are looking for cheap prices directly from China factory, please send us an E-mail to get a free price quote
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