Lab Created Ruby#5 Gemstone Synthetic Gems Wax Casting Wholesale 

Gemstone Synthetic Ruby, You Can Buy Various High Quality Gemstone Synthetic Ruby Products from Global Gemstone Synthetic Ruby Manufacturer. Lab Created Gems Ruby#5 is red color stones,It radiates warmth and a strong sense of vitality.Many ladies would like to color red gemstone jewelry.

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Lab ruby are able to cut many shapes like round, square, marquise, heart, rectangle, oval, pear, cushion, tear drop, trillion, smooth beads and more. Lab ruby is beautiful same as real ruby itself at a fraction of price of natural ruby. Our lab ruby is safe to wax casting, it's mounted to main stones or side stones of silver & gold jewelry. 

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The following is regular sizes as for your reference:

Round Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

0.80mm          1.00mm              1.25mm              1.30mm              1.50mm             1.75mm             2.00mm

2.25mm           2.50mm              2.75mm             3.00mm              3.50mm               3.75mm           4.00mm

4.50mm           5.00mm              5.50mm              6.00mm               6.50mm             7.00mm           7.50mm

8.00mm            8.50mm             9.00mm              10.00mm

Oval/Pear Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

3×5mm           4×6mm           5×7mm          6×8mm         7×9mm           8×10mm         9×11mm         10×12mm

Square Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

2×2mm         3×3mm          4×4mm          5×5mm         6×6mm           7×7mm           8×8mm           10×10mm

Marquise Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

2×4mm           2.5×5mm             3×6mm             3.5×7mm           4×8mm            5×10mm             6×12mm

Heart  Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm            5×5mm           6×6mm            7×7mm          8×8mm         9x9mm        10x10mm

Baguette Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

2×4mm          2.5×5mm              3×5mm             3×6mm         4×6mm          4×8mm     5×7mm             6×8mm

7×9mm           8×10mm            9×11mm

Trillion Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm           5×5mm             6×6mm         7×7mm        8×8mm             9×9mm           10×10mm

Asscher Lab Ruby Gemstones Sizes:

5×5mm             6×6mm             7×7mm               8×8mm        9×9mm            10×10mm

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