Hydrothermal Blue Sapphire Gemstones Wholesale China Supplier

Rubies and sapphires are some of the most prized gemstones in the world and were also some of the first to be created in a laboratory. There are many ways to synthesize gem-quality corundum, both ruby and sapphire gems. Flame fusion is the least expensive method of synthesizing any stone. Hydrothermal synthesis is the most expensive. This involves growing a crystal from a solution under great heat and pressure. Not only is the equipment for this process expensive, it also takes weeks or months to grow crystals. However, hydrothermal is the synthetic technique that mimics most closely natural gemstone formation. Hydrothermal blue sapphire is same chemicial and structure as natural ones. If you are looking for hydrothermal blue sapphire, please contact us to get more details.

Hydrothermal blue sapphire Gemstones wholesale
royal blue sapphire

Size ranges:1-7 carats

Shape:Pear, Oval, Round, Cushion etc

Quality: AAAAA

Clarity: VVS

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