High Quality Octagon Emerald Cut Synthetic White Sapphire Corundum Wax Casting 1200C White Sapphire Machine Cut Man Made Gemstones

White sapphire is colorless and flawless man-made corundum which can be used to gold and silver diamond jewelry such as earrings, engagement rings, pendants and necklaces. As it's synthetic gems which created in Lab, so it's much cheaper than natural white sapphire. White sapphire can be alternative to white topaz, rocky crystal quartz. Many jewelers would like to looking for white sapphire which it's can be used for wax casting and mass production. The stones must keep shine brilliance, and not crash not drop when they are processing jewelry. Each piece of white sapphire must can withstand high temperature up to 1200C. Since emerald cut white sapphire is very popular and let us show you octagon shape emerald cut synthetic sapphire corundum as shown below:

emerald cut white sapphire

Available size(mm): 4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11
Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces
Quality: AAA
Color: White

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