Green Peridot Cubic Zirconia Square Cut CZ Synthetic Gemstones Olive Green CZ Wholesale

Cubic zirconia is beautiful and man-made gemstones in lab, since it's 8.0-8.5Moh's high hardness and flawless inclusion, gem masters cut it in different shapes same as mine gemstones. CZ stones widely set to fashion jewelry
like earrings, pendants, necklace and rings. It help everyone to get a beautiful thing at affordable price. Square CZ is an popular style as center stone. Our loose square princess cut cubic zirconia stones have a reputation from jewelry manufacturers around the world like USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam,UK, France, Spain Germany, Poland, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Korean and more. Since we are a manufacturer which offer low wholesale prices and great quality to our customers. 

square peridot cz loose stones

Available sizes(mm):
2×2     3×3     4×4     5×5     6×6     7×7     8×8     9×9     10×10     12×12     13×13     14×14     15×15      16×16     17×17        18×18       19×19        20×20         23x23        25x25     28x28     30x30

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