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Green nano is nanocrystal mateial which is different than green cz.In green cz the color is not uniform,but in nan crystal the green color is uniform.Most of important, green nano crystal  material is wax casting friendly and green cz doesn't.
The chemical composition of these materials is a mixture of oxides including silica, zirconia, alumina, zinc, lithium and magnesium oxides. Nano sized crystals are homogeneously distributed in amorphous matrix.
As a result materials with various physical-chemical properties based on spinel, gahnite, sapphirine and other crystals are formed. The crystals grown in amorphous substance by high-temperature synthesis at 1500-1750°C.Hardness of the suggested materials is 6.5-7 by Mohs scale, Refractive index is 1.5-1.7, Density is 2.7-3.2 g/cm3.
Green Nano Crystal Synthetic Gemstones Emerald
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