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Golden Yellow Cubic Zirconia Asscher Cut
Asscher cut cubic zirconia is essentially square but with fairly prominent clipped corners. The outline is therefore octagonal. It features horizontal facets also known as “step” cut facets giving the diamond a look distinctive from princess cut or radiant cut CZ. It is more like the emerald cut, but with a square rather than an elongated rectangular shape, and pronounced rather than subtle corners. Like the emerald cut, the step-like facets of the asscher cut give rise to broad flashes of light return, rather than the sparkle effect of brilliant style facets on most other diamond shapes. Therefore the appearance has a distinctive “flavor” that holds great appeal for many people. It also works particularly well in many modern jewelry styles featuring the straight lines of more architectural designs.

Many jewellers looking into better quality aa Cubic Zirconia asscher stones, yellow asscher CZ is alternative of citrine. Due to our high skilled masters and advanced machine, it's become affordable price and sparkly shine.
Golden yellow Asscher CZ stones can withstand high temperature from 650-800°C for wax casting setting, metal clay and kiln and torch firing. It's good to your jewelry setting stones.

 Material Color Quality ShapeSize(mm)  Qty(pcs/lot) Price(US$/lot)
 cubic zirconiaYellow AAA
 Asscher 5x5 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher6x6 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAAAsscher 7x7  500contact us
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher 8x8 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAAAsscher 9x9 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher10x10 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher 11x11 300contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher12x12300contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher13x13 300contact us 
 cubic zirconiaYellowAAA Asscher 15x15300contact us

If you are looking into AAA(better quality) or AAAAA(best quality) Yellow Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones from China manufacturer, you are welcome to contact us !

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