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A tapered baguette is a relatively small and elongated cubic zirconia that is primarily rectangular in shape.
However one end is wider, making it a long trapezoid.Tapered baguettes, like their straight baguette counterparts, often serve as side stones, although they can also be the main shape in full-band rings or fashion rings.
Tapper Baguette Cut Cubic Zirconia

Below is normal tapper baguette cut sizes:
1.25x1x0.75mm, 1.5x1x0.75mm, 1.5x1.25x1mm, 1.75x1.25x1mm, 2.25x1.25x1mm, 2.75x1.75x1.25mm

3x1.75x1mm, 3.5x2x1mm, 4x1.25x1mm, 4x1.75x1.25mm, 4.5x2x1mm, 3x2x1.5mm .....

1.75x1.5x1mm,  2x1x0.6mm, 2x1.5x1mm, 2.25x1.25x1mm, 2.5x1.25x0.8mm, 2.5x1.5x0.8mm,2.5x1.75x1.25mm

2.75x1.5x1mm, 2.75x1.5x1.25mm, 2.75x2x1mm, 3x1.5x1mm, 3x1.5x1.25mm,3x2x1mm, 3.25x1.75x1mm,

3.25x2x0.8mm, 3.5x2x1.5mm

A tapered baguette is a trapezoid shape one end is narrower.   It is very similar to the standard Banquette except for one end is narrower than the other. It can be worn with narrow end up or down depending on the piece.  The Tapered banquette Cut is very attractive on someone with short fingers and a small hand.

Tapper Baguette cut cubic zirconia
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Ruby Tapper Cut Gemstones

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