Cylinder Cubic Zirconia Stones Column Bead Custom Made Synthetic Gems Wholesale

We make a variety of cubic zirconia, synthetic and imitation gems with custom-made shapes&cuts, we pick up
uncut gems to make and facets them as our customers' orders.  Since synthetic gems are man made gems , you can process stones as you like. For example, cylinder cut is not regular shape but we can cut it for you with many colors like white, pink, purple, yellow, champagne, olive, lime-yellow, lavender and more.

white cylinder cubic zirconia

Those are cylinder or column cubic zirconia with smooth polish.

Size(diameter*lenght): 1x 2   1x3   1.5x3    2x5   2x4     3x5   3x8   3x9   4x8     4x10     5x13    5x15   6x20 .....

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