Cubic Zirconia Pandora Beads Wholesale Prices China Supplier

Cubic Zirconia not only be cut to regular shapes include round, oval, marquise, heart, square, octagon, but also cut to irregular beads like Pandora beads.  Pandora CZ with different colors like white, pink, peridot, amethyst, violet, black, blue, orange, garnet, green, aqua blue, yellow, swiss blue, chocolate, canary and more. We choose high quality CZ rough to produce beautiful pandora beads for clients like UAE,  Dubai, US, UK, Thailand, Japan, HK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Australia, Turkey and more.

Pandora cubic zirconia beads is popular item with large hole and widely use to pendants and bracelets. 

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Material: Zirconia(synthetic gems)
Colors: colorless, pink, purple, black, olive, champagne, violet, yellow, blue, green, lavender, orange ect.
Size: 14x8, 13x7 mm or customized sizes are available
Hole: 4.0-5.0 mm
Qty: 100pcs

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