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Radiant cuts are square or rectangular mixed cuts with angled corners,as a brilliant alternative to the Emerald cut.The cutting is a combination of the step-cutting of the emerald-cut diamond with some triangular faceting of the brilliant cut.The radiant cut is dramatic as a solitaire but also looks great paired with side stones.Radiant cuts are often utilized to maximize color in fancy colored diamonds.  The nature of this cut aids in the concentration of color, and will sometimes push a light yellow diamond in the S-Z range into the fancy yellow category.  Radiant is categorized as Cut Cornered Modified Brilliant cuts by major diamond grading labs.

Radiant Cut cubic zirconia gemstones

modern radiant cut cubic zirconia

There are many cubic zirconia colors for pear cut cubic zirconia loose cz stones, for example:white, pink, garnet,black, champagne,yellow,amethyst,apply green,smoke,emerald green and coffee brown etc.

radiant cut cubic zirconia diamond

radiant cut yellow diamond cubic zirconia

radiant cut cubic zirconia diamond
AAAAA Radiant Cut Diamond Cubic Zirconia

Here are Radiant Cut CZ sizes:

5×7mm             6×8mm                  7×9mm               8×10mm           9×11mm        8×20mm        5×20mm

10×12mm       10×15mm               10×16mm          12×16mm        13×18mm      15×20mm     16×22mm

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