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Hearts and Arrows Cut cubic zirconia is precision cut variations of the traditional 57 faceted round brilliant cut.Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows is a visual phenomenon that appears in the finest "0" Ideal Cut round brilliant cubic zirconia when viewed in a Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows viewer or gemscope. Brilliant cut with precisely aligned and carefully shaped facets combined with optimum proportions produce an incredibly brilliant sight, called Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows (Star Cut). Cubic zirconia Wholesale Gems obtains Korea machine cut, European machine cut to guarantee the  amazing effect you are dreaming.

In the early mid 1990s when Hearts and Arrows (aka H&A) began to trickle into America, they were much more high-tech than the grading labs were.The gemstones were extremely round, tables were 55-57%, the girdles were medium or thin to medium and polish and symmetry were excellent. This kind of consistent cutting was unheard of at the time and cut grading did not exist yet in America.The hearts and arrows ideal cut is attractive to perfectionists loving best brilliance and fire.

Hearts pattern viewed at the back of unset stone and Arrows pattern viewed from the top:

Heart and Arrow Cut CZ Gemstones

Hearts and Arrows Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Normal Sizes as below:

 Material Color Quality ShapeSize(mm)  Qty(pcs/lot) Price(US$/lot)
 cubic zirconia white AAA
 round  1.00 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 2.00 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 3.00 1000contact us
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 3.50 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 4.00 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round  4.50 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 5.00 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 5.50 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconiawhite AAA round 6.00 1000contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 6.50 1000contact us

 cubic zirconia white AAA
 round 7.00 500contact us 
 cubic zirconiawhite AAA round 7.50 500contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAAround 8.00 500contact us
 cubic zirconiawhite AAA round 8.50 500contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAAround 9.00 500contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAA round 9.50 500contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAAround 10.00 500contact us 
 cubic zirconia white AAAround 11.00 500contact us 
cubic zirconia whiteAAAround12.00500contact us 

Star Cut Hearts and Arrows Cut Cubic Zirconia

Top quality AAAAA large sizes 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows Cut CZ: 40mm  45mm   50mm  55mm   60mm  65mm  70mm   75mm   80mm   90mm   100mm  or customized sizes are acceptable.

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