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The Cushion Cut has been popular for more than 100 years. Cushion cut gemstones (also known as "pillow-cut" gemstones) have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance.Cushion-cut gemstones are available in shapes ranging from square to rectangular. The length to width ratio(1:1.05) will determine the gemstone's outline, or what it will look like when viewed from the top.Cushion-cut has a marvelously romantic and classic look and definitely stands out from the crowd of round brilliants.

cushion cut cubic zirconia white

                                                               normal cushion princess cut

   cushion cut white cubic zirconia stones cushion cut purple amethyst cubic zirconia cushion cut garnet red cubic zirconia

   cushion cut yellow cubic zirconia cushion cut lab created ruby gemstones cushion cut blue cubic zirconia

There are many cubic zirconia colors for cushion cut loose cz stones, for example:white, pink, garnet,black, champagne,yellow,amethyst,apply green,smoke,emerald green and coffee brown etc.

Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Gemstones
                                                                             brilliant cushion cut

                   brilliant cushion cubic zirconia                                           white cushion cubic zirconia                
                 top brilliant cushion cubic zirconia                                  bottom brilliant cushion cubic zirconia

              cushion modified brilliant cut cubic zirconia                  cushion modified brilliant cut
                         cushion modified brilliant cut                                           cushion customized brilliant cut       

The standard sizes of cushion cut cubic zirconia as below:

3×3mm             3.5×3.5mm        4×4mm                 5×5mm            6×6mm             7×7mm               8×8mm

9×9mm             10×10mm         11×11mm            12×12mm            13×13mm         14×14mm         15×15mm

16×16mm          17×17mm       18×18mm         19×19mm           20×20mm

If you are looking for round soft cornered square/brilliant cushion cut cubic zirconia stones, please contact us!

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