Coffee Brown Zirconia Stone 1mm CZ Gems Lab Created Gemstone 

coffee brown 1mm cubic zirconia

Name: Round CZ Small Stone 1.00 mm Coffee Brown Faceted Gems Machine Cut Synthetic Gemstone
Gemstone Type: Synthetic (lab created gems)
Gemstone Color:   Coffee cubic zirconia
Gemstone Material: Zircon
Gemstone Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
Gemstone Size: 1.00 mm, 0.80mm,0.90mm
Gemstone Weight: 300,000PCS/KG
Treatments Applied: Polished cubic zirconia
Optical Special Effects: Star
Gemstone Hardness:8.0mhs

Gemstone Material: cubic zirconia
Color:  Coffee Brown
Quality: AAA/AAAAA
Gemstone Type: cubic zirconia

gemstone Jewelry Type: pendants,Ring,Earring, Necklace,decoration etc. 

Supply for: dealers, wholesalers, distributor, jewelry manufacturer factory

Usage: Jewelry decoration, Gift,Frame,etc. . .

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