Simulated Chrysoberyl Gemstones Light Green Colored Octagon Loose Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale Prices Synthetic Gems

This is a special light yellowish green color like a natural chrysoberyl, it's called apple green or light green CZ, since it's a man made created synthetic gems and cut to many shapes like round, oval, marquise, pear, heart, square, octagon, trillion and more. Today emerald cut is very popular and beautiful facets and widely used to rings, necklaces and pendants. If you are interested in yellow green color cubic zirconia stones, please 
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      light green chrysoberyl cubic zirconia emerald cut             apple green emerald cut cubic zirconia stones

Available size(mm): 4x6      5x7      6x8     7x9     8x10     9x11     10x12     10x14      13x18

Minimum Quantity: 100 pcs

Quality: AAA  , AAAAA

Color: yellowish green / apple green

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