Checkerboard Cut Cubic Zirconia Synthetic Gemstones Loose Lab Created Gems Wholesale Price from China Factory Supplier

Checkerboard cut is one of popular cutting for colored and larger cubic zirconia stones, it can be faceted to crown and pavillion of CZ, so there are two styles of checkerboard cut one is checkerboard cut top with flat base, other is double sides with checkerboard cuts(double checkerboard cuts). Sometime it were called to turtle facets, becuase cutting look like a turtle back. A well-cut checkerboard CZ will display incredible surface lustre. It is often applied to shapes include round, oval, pear, heart, square, marquise, cushion. We supply checkerboard cut CZ with a variety of colors included white, pink, garnet, peridot, green, violet, black, purple, yellow, champagne, aquamarine blue, apple green and more. If you are looking for wholesale price of checkerboard cuts cubic zirconia, please contact us to get free quotation.

  violet turtle checkerboard cut cubic zirconia loose stones checkerboard cut garnet cubic zirconia gemstones round double checkerboard cut peridot CZ stones

  cushion checkerboard cut garnet red cubic zirconia stones cushion checkerboard cut purple cubic zirconia cushion shape checkerboard cut black cubic zirconia supplier

  double checkerboard cut champagne cubic zirconia wholesale oval checkerboard cut black cubic zirconia wholesale lavender color oval shape checkerboard cut cubic zirconia synthetic gems

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