Top Quality De Beers Centenary Diamond Replica White Cubic Zirconia

Centenary diamond is third largest of famous diamond in the world. The Centenary Diamond is rated in color as grade D color (colorless) and internally and externally flawless. it's a perfect diamond. It was named the Centenary Diamond as it was presented in the rough for the Centennial Celebration of De Beers Consolidated Mines on May 11, 1988. The Centenary was completed in February 1991, weighing 273.85 carats (54.770 g) with its dimensions measuring 39.90 × 50.50 × 24.55 mm. Since cubic zirconia is colorless and flawless, we are able to make replica of centenary diamond as its dimensions, of course it's much weight than real diamond
because cubic zirconia is much heavy than diamond. If you are looking for replica of De Beers Centenary, we are pleasure to make a piece for you. Please feel free to contact us

centenary diamond replica zirconia
Centenary Diamond Replica

Centenary Diamond

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