Blue Synthetic Moissanite Loose Lab Created Diamond Wholesale Price

Moissanite were discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. Moissanite's dispersion is 0.104 and has 2.4 times the fire of a diamond. Your moissanite will never lose that fire and shine. Moissanite bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire… more than twice as much as diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Moissanite is a gemstone with extraordinary durability, brilliance and spark that is comparable to or even surpassing that of a diamond! They can be worn as an alternative to diamonds, what's more, these stones are  perfect for any occasion.We are your source for beautiful moissanite stones.

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 DescriptionShape Cut Quality Size(mm)  MOQ(pcs)  Unit Price(US$/Pcs)
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round  Brilliant AAAAA 3.00 3 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 3.50 3 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 4.00 3 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 4.50 3 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 5.00 3 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 5.50 2 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 6.00 2 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 6.50 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 7.00 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 7.50 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 8.00 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 8.50 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 9.00 1 Contact Us
  Blue Synthetic Moissanite Round Brilliant AAAAA 10.00 1 Contact Us

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