Lab Created Blue Sapphire #34 Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale Price AAAAA Quality Faceted Sapphire Made in China Manufacturer

Synthetic Blue Sapphires are made by a method called Flame Fusion.They are made in such a way that they look like Natural gemstones. These Lab Created Blue Sapphires  will have same chemical properties of the real stones. They will have the same hardness, density and appearance like the Natural Blue Sapphire.The chemical properties of these stones are chemical properties:Al2O3,hardness: 9 Moh's Scale, density: 3.98 - 4.1 g/cm3. We present different shapes of lab blue sapphire as following photos:

lab created blue sapphire

       round synthetic blue sapphire             pear synthetic blue sapphire           heart lab created sapphire

     oval cut blue sapphire supplier                emarald cut lab blue sapphire gemstones          marquise cut blue sapphire wholesale

Lab created gemstone sapphires are spectacular replications of the naturally-occurring gemstones. Because synthetic sapphires are made of the exact same chemical components that are found in real sapphire gems, it is very difficult to tell the difference.The color can also be enhanced in simulated sapphires, making for an extraordinary deep and rich blue color.Sapphire blue represents many positive qualities including loyalty, harmony and friendship among others. 
The blue sapphire stone also have different colors for your choice,for example:blue sapphire #32,blue sapphire#33,blue sapphire#34.We as an experienced and professional gemstones manufacturer with a good reputation in the markets which supply all kinds of sizes and shape to our customers,Shape:Heart, square, pear, round, marquise, oval, rectangle, triangle, flower, tapper, star, octagon etc. If you want to get more cheaper cost but have similar color, you can go for blue spinel #114.

Round Lab Blue Sapphire Sizes:

0.80mm                  1.00mm                  1.25mm           1.30mm                 1.50mm                  1.75mm                  2.00mm                 2.25mm                   2.50mm            2.75mm                3.00mm                   3.25mm           3.50mm                  4.00mm                   4.50mm            5.00mm                5.50mm                   6.00mm

 6.50mm                 7.00mm                  7.50mm             8.00mm                 9.00mm                 10.00mm         

Oval/Pear Lab Blue SapphireSizes:
3×5           4×6               5×7              6×8         7×9           8×10         9×11         10×12       10×14    

Square Princess Cut Lab Blue Sapphire Sizes:
2×2          2.5×2.5       3×3        4×4          5×5           6×6         7×7          8×8          9×9           10×10

Marquise Lab Blue Sapphire Sizes:
2×4         3×6           4×8         5×10         6×12

Heart Lab Blue Sapphire Sizes:
3×3         4×4         5×5         6×6           7×7          8×8       9x9        10x10

Baguette Lab Blue Sapphire Standard Sizes:
2×4        3×5         4×6          5×7       6×8        7×9          8×10        9×11          10×12

Octagon Lab Blue Sapphire Standard Sizes:
2×4          3×5          4×6         5×7           6×8         7×9          8×10            9×11          10x12

Trillion Lab Blue Sapphire Standard Sizes:
3×3         4×4          5×5        6×6       7×7         8×8          9×9        10×10

Cushion Lab Blue Sapphire Standard Sizes:
5×5mm             6×6          7×7          8×8        9×9        10×10  

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