What is Lab Created Gemstones?

A lab created gemstone is a gemstone made of the same mineral composition as natural gemstones but is created in laboratories with equipment that simulates the high pressures. Lab created stones are a form of synthetic gemstone or a type of precious stone created in a lab instead of in nature. The gemstone must be identical to the natural in every way, Composition, Hardness and Optically.Common Simulated Gemstones - simulated gemstones don't have the same properties as the natural gemstones but resemble the natural stone.

There are varies lab created gemstones which used for jewelry setting.Lab Emerald,Lab Ruby,Lab Sapphire,Lab Spinel etc.Just like natural gemstones, synthetics vary tremendously in quality. Using low-quality processes, synthetic sapphires and rubies can be created for less than a dollar per piece, whereas high-quality synthetics can cost a hundred times more to create and sell for several hundred dollars a carat at retail.

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