Beautiful Round Cut Translucent Opaque Milky White Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones Wholesale Prices from China Manufacturer

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a well known man-made diamond simulant. A simulant is any material, natural or created by man, which imitates the appearance of a natural gem whereas a synthetic gem is man-made but must have a natural counterpart that duplicates the chemical, optical, and physical properties of the natural gem. CZ have many kinds of colors like pure colors or translucent colors. Translucent colors are new developed and produced in the market recently. White opaque CZ is one of popular and hot sell synthetic gems, if  you are looking for new colors of man-made gemstones, please feel free to contact us to get free quote !

opauge white cubic zirconia

Available Size(mm): 3.00   3.50   4.00   5.00   6.00   6.50   7.00   8.00   9.00   10.00 or custom sizes.

Quality: AAA

Shape: Round

Application for costume jewelry, bracelet, earrings, watches decoration, lighting decoration, cellphone decoration and shoes decoration, etc.

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