Synethic Turquoise Eye Wholesale Price from China Supplier

Eye beads are beautiful parts for jewelry design, it can be set to earrings, necklaces and pendants. We use synthetic turquoise to make eye shaped beads at cheap wholesale price with premium quality. There are many different colors as option. We sell turquoise eye bead around the world included USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Canada and more. If you are looking for turquoise eye beads, please feel free to contact us

           blue synthetic turquoise eye beads              white synthetic turquoise eye beads

           black turquoise eye beads wholesale China              red turquoise eye beads wholesale

Size(mm):8.0   10.0    12.0    13.0
Shape: round
MOQ: 200pcs
Color: blue, black, red, white