September Birthstone stone Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphire is the official birthstone of September. This stone holds a deep meaning for mankind, as this was one object that was more than a reflection of wealth, or health, but something that kept the world together.

The sapphire played a large role in human history as man was first trying to understand the complexities of the universe. The sun was alive and warm and was designated as the life source for all on earth. However, the actual balancing of the earth, the substance of the sky, or the source of water was still a mystery. When the Persians discovered sapphires, they believed that it was a large dark sapphire that held the earth up, and that its reflection was the sky.Later, the sapphire began to represent an austere level of wealth, in that an exchange of a blue sapphire equated to a contractual agreement and integrity. Romans would oftentimes seal letters using a sapphire blue wax, with a carved sapphire ring or stamp. This was further verification that the missive was not only authentic but true.

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The cool blue sapphire marks the season's shift from summer to autumn. To those born in the transition month of September, it relaxes and clears the mind. It also protects its owner from fraud, envy and ill health.

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