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Cushion cut gemstones are experiencing a resurgence in popularity today. The primary reason for this renewed interest is the popularity of vintage styling in bridal and fine jewelry. Cushion cut gemstones, often referred to as "antique cushion", resemble a pillow with their square to rectangular shape and soft corners. The earliest faceted gemstones had this appearance as a result of being cut from octagonal crystals with crude cutting tools and techniques. An octagon could be sawed in two parts, yielding two round stones. The corners would simply be partially polished away and a few facets put on the top and bottom of the diamond to give it some brilliance. The overall look would be similar to the cushions of today, but with modern cutting technologies cushion cut gemstones can be much more brilliant than ever before. What's more, cubic zirconia is lab created gemstones and flawless inside, it's more luster and brilliance with top grade AAAAA.  Rectangular cushion cut cubic zirconia usually set to engagement rings as center stone with prong setting. Each piece cushion cut CZ is hand-made by our skilled and experienced masters. We use excellent quality rough and great powder to polish. 

cushion cut cubic zirconia

Rectangular cushion cut sizes(mm): 4x6   5x7    6x8     7x9     8x10     9x11     10x12     10x14     13x18

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