Wax Casting Nano Crystal Gemstones

Nano Crystal is a new synthetic stone withstand high temperature up to 1750℃ and it's easy and popular for wax casting jewelry setting. Many jewelry manufacturers and designers usually like stones which it's heat resistance and without discolor and burned. Cubic Zirconia is widely used in golden and silver jewelry now, but most of them can't withstand wax casting over 900℃ within 60 minutes.

You know that color cubic zirconia have many different colors, such as cz white, cz amethyst, cz peridot, cz  garnet, cz lavender,cz champagne,cz violet, cz orange, cz apple green and cz pink etc. But Nano stones have only several colors like green, black, blue, aquamarine, yellow and pink. 

Nano gemstone have small sizes from 1.00 to 3.00mm  and it's very popular round stones.

       nano gemstones aquamarine     nano gemstones black      nano gemstones blue
                Nano Aquamarine                                       Nano Black                                            Nano Blue

       nano gemstones green      nano gemstones pink      nano gemstones yellow
                      Nano Green                                             Nano Pink                                          Nano Yellow

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