Memorial Day Promotions-Cubic Zirconia Stones Discount

We are a business cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer or supplier, you should be keeping track of upcoming holidays, big events, changing seasons, etc. so that you can continually send out special promotions. Memorial Day is coming up now, so we’ve put together some promotional ideas to help get your wheels turning.
Before we jump into sales and advertising of cz jewelry, a quick note about Memorial Day 

As we approach the Memorial Day holiday, it’s good to remember what the holiday is truly about. Yes, you should celebrate life, enjoy barbeques, get out on the lake, give customers great deals or specials for the occasion, etc. Americans get to enjoy these fun days only because of those who have fought for our right to do it. Memorial Day is to remember those who have given their lives for our great country.
It’s good to be mindful of these things as you’re creating Memorial Day promotions; you definitely want to be respectful to those who gave their lives, as well as their families who are also effected. Yes, you’re in business to make some additional revenue in general, but make sure your Memorial Day promotions come from a good place!

Many jeweliers make 5% off up to 20% off for Memorial Day promotions, you as businessman would like to purchse large quantity and more discount cubic zirconia stones for promotion in the market.We as cz stones manufacturer would like to give some dicount of total amount for your large order.For small sizes of white loose cubic zirconia gemstones, due to we use new technology and advanced equipment,The order is larger and the discount is more.Please consult us to get more discount if you want to get more discount for holiday promotions.

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