First, let me say a little about CZ stones. The quality and amount of brilliance the stone shows is first affected by the quality of the raw material, with the clearest “rough” CZ making the best simulated diamonds.  Most important in producing the brightest looking CZ is the quality of the cutting and the polish of the CZ material.  The angles of the facets(little flat faces on the stones) must be correct and very highly polished.  When this is done correctly, a AAAAA grade CZ will look much more diamond-like.

nail polish cubic zirconia stones
The stones should be clean as possible with no oil, smudges, etc. on the stones. We suggest the stones be cleaned in alcohol(household  alcohol is fine) or with a good window cleaner.  Pat and gently wipe with a dust free paper towel and do not touch the stone bottoms again.

Now, you need to keep the paint off the front(table) of the stones.   You could perhaps press the stones into something to cover the tables(tops) but don't use styrofoam since paint and fingernail polish will dissolve right into the foam making a nasty mess.   You will need to find some way to mask the front of the stones, especially if you decide to use a spray paint. One suggestion is to use white glue, the craft/wood glue that comes in little plastic bottles with a squirt nose. This glue is water soluble and fingernail polish and paint is not. ( I haven't done this ever but it sounds workable. Yikes!)  I would take a toothpick or tiny brush or tiny fingertip and put a thin bit of the glue on the tops of the stones, let it dry then lay the stones out top down for painting. When the paint is dry, soak in water to remove the glue and any paint than made it to the tops of the stones.

Besides fingernail polish, you could try a metallic spray paint in perhaps silver or gold. A brandname like "Krylon" should work well and has a good spray nozzle.Each color would have a different effect.  If spray paint is used, very light sprays should be used to apply a gentle, uniform coating with no runs. This might take experimentation. I think a light "dusting" followed with another might be the best spray method.

Other than a good cleaning of the stones and using a good paint I can think of no other “at home” method to change the reflections of the CZ's.   Anything more permanent would certainly be out of the do-it-yourself category.
nail decoration with zirconia gems

The flat faces on the stones are called facets.  A stone cut with faces on the top(table) and the bottom(pavilion) is called a faceted stone.  Dome shaped stones like tiger eye and opal are called cabochon cut stones.      Faceted stones depend on mirrors and windows to make the stone bright and reflective.  

Colorless D cubic zirconia is flawless gemstones, if you want to get warm white CZ diamond simulants H-J color stones which look like a nature diamond stone. There are many colors loose cubic zirconia are available, include pink, amethyst purple, peridot, orange padperadscha, garnet red, champagne, lavender, violet, aqua blue, golden yellow, canary yellow, coffee brown chocolate, apple green, blue, emerald green, black, lime yellow, grey, ruby red,
tanzanite blue, rose and much more. 

If you have any question of loose cubic zirconia gems, please feel free to contact us!

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