Lab Created Ruby Cabochon Gemstones Beads Wholesale Price from China Supplier

Synthetic ruby is one of corundum which it's red color, the most of popular colors of corundum red and blue, red corundum is called to "ruby", blue color is named as " blue sapphire". As natural ruby is very expensive and it's very difficult to find a VVS clarity stone. Now we produce synthetic ruby same as natural counterpart, what's difference both them? Synthetic ruby is grown in Lab, natural ruby is grown on the earth with Tens of thousands of years. We also call synthetic ruby to "lab created ruby". Since cabochon ruby is very popular to rings and pendants, we cut flat back cabochon ruby beads to our customers.

synthetic ruby cabochon
8mm round cabochon synthetic ruby 

Sizes(mm):3.00   3.50    4.00   5.00   6.00   6.50    7.00    8.00    9.00    10.00
Shape:flat back round cabochon

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