Lab Created Alexandrite Color Corundum Round Brilliant Cut Synthetic Gems Wax Casting 1.00mm to 3.00mm for Micrco Pave CZ Jewelry

Like round cubic zirconia stones, lab alexandrite color corundum gems are very hot sale and popular stones. Our alexandrite corudnum is color change from purple to red on different light condition. If you are looking for color change synthetic gems, please contact us today !

lab creatd alexandrite corundum

Material: lab created alexandrite corundum

Color: alexandrite color change purple to red

Shape: Round

Size(mm): 1.00   1.25    1.30   1.50    1.75    2.00   2.50   2.75   3.00

MOQ: 1000pcs

Are you looking for color change lab alexandrite corundum stones? Request a Price Quote, just contact us !