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Ruby,the highly-valued red variety of corundum, is the birthstone for July. It is also known as the gem of summer, and its red rays are seen to radiate heat and intensity.The Ruby replaced turquoise as the July birthstone, as the ruby brings to mind the hot climates from which these stones are unearthed. They are most often found in countries that are all lined up along the equator - Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Thailand (Siam), and more recently in Africa. 

Ruby reds come in different hues, and vary according to its source location, from vibrant rosy red to a deep wine red, the most desirable being the "pigeon's blood" hue typical of a Mogok ruby from Myanmar. A single ruby crystal may exhibit different colors depending on available light. 

In ancient times, the ruby used to be classified collectively with all gemstones of red color, as "carbunculus," and was referred to by Theophrastus as "anthrax" (red coal) and by Pliny as "lychnis," since it had the quality of being very brilliant when seen under the light of a lamp. Pliny also called a brillian ruby "ceraunice." Even an extremely small but genuine ruby could sell for as much as forty gold pieces in the Roman period. 

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